Saint Norbert of Xantin 1080AD-1134AD

Saint Norbert is famed for his devotion to the Most Blessed Sacrament and for his strong Faith.   Converted by God one day while riding eagerly after wordly pursuits, our Patron devoted the remainder of his life to zealously preaching the reform of the clergy.  It was at the beginning of the Great Reform Movement of the High Middle Ages, that God raised up the great St. Norbert, and gave him the mandate to preach clerical reform.   It is piously believed that Our Lady Herself gave him the white habit, which at that time was very unusual.    Praying for guidance as to which Rule to adopt, Saint Augustine appeared to him and gave Norbert his Rule.  Saint Norbert accomplished that which the Church had tried for 300 years since the Council of Aix-la-Chapelle to do - namely, the reform of the clergy and the ridding of the Church of the numerous abuses that existed in his day. 

What is our Charism?


As Norbertine Sisters leading a strongly contemplative life,  our animating Charism embraces the main focal aspects of that Order:

“Laus Deo in Choro” - Praise of God through the Liturgy and Divine Office.  

This also includes having a particular and fervent love of, and the innate desire to contribute to, the care and neatness of the Altar, the Sacristy and all that pertains to the Sacred Liturgy.

“Zelus Animarum” – an ardent zeal for souls; a practical love of neighbour, first and foremost of those in our own community.

•  A Penitential Spirit - Fasting, abstinence, mortification and penance.

•  Imitation of our holy father, St. Norbert.

•  Tender devotion to the most Immaculate, Blessed Virgin Mary.

Our religious life is anchored around the sacred Paschal Mysteries and all that leads to and from it.  We retain the ancient Praemonstratensian custom of processing to the Baptismal Font after Vespers during Easter Week.

 Interior and exterior devotion to the Most Blessed Sacrament and the Immaculate Virgin Mary take the most important place in our lives. We wish to follow the Divine Lamb through all the Liturgical seasons of the year.  We aspire to have a deep devotion to the Tridentine Latin Mass, the Liturgical Year and the sufferings of Our Divine Saviour. 

Being directly connected to the Middle Ages through an Augustinian/Norbertine Charism, we foster a profound devotion to the Immaculate, Blessed Virgin Mary, under all Her Titles.

 Our particular patrons are: The Holy Family, St. Augustine, St. Norbert, St. Elias the Prophet and others that will be determined by the founding members. Naturally, the saints and Feast Days throughout the Liturgical Year are be honoured.

The Holy Family

Our Charism lives and breathes an Augustinian / Norbertine spirituality.  We know who we are and what our place is in the Church.  It is a way of life that exists to give praise to God through the Divine Liturgy and through hidden and humble works, prayers and sacrifices for the salvation of souls.

The Holy Family is patron of our religious life and Apostolate.  Saint Joseph is invoked daily after the Office of None, and to the Foster Father of Our Lord we confide all our temporal needs.