About Us

This website is an example of what is intended, in the event that permission is gained from the Society of St. Pius X, to trial a Pious Assocation of Women living the Augustinian / Norbertine Charism.

Based in Australia (or other country if need be), our life revolves around a balanced daily schedule of prayer, work and rest. 

Our foremost work is the singing of the Divine Office daily - 'Laus Deo in Choro'.  The secondary apostolates are dedicated to the Catholic Arts and the care of the sick and elderly.

The Catholic Arts

As a semi-contemplative community, we pay our own way and will never be burden on any traditional Catholic parish.  To this end, we offer beautifully hand-crafted vestments, Altar Linens and the full classic spectrum of Sacristy goods.  For the time being, our official online store is at www.susanmaria.com.  All revenue from this website comes to the support of our community, as the owner of SusanMaria.com is herself a founding member of our Community.  As time allows, the website will be redeveloped and renamed to reflect our Association.  

As time allows and our sisters train in the field of fine arts, we hope to offer beautiful murals, paintings, mosaics, etc.  Please support our work and life!  The world desperately needs power-houses of monastic prayer such as ours, even though we are not fully enclosed.  May God bless you and your loved ones always!

Hospitaliers to the Elderly and Sick

Our vocation calls us to be Sister Servants of the elderly and sick.  This apostolate is very much needed in Australia and in our sick world.  We intend initially to have a humble presence in one or more nursing homes that may allow us to visit them as volunteers.  We are and will remain (unless Providence shows us otherwise), 'Sister Servants' and not professional nurses running full scale hospitals, etc.

The elderly represent one of the most vulnerable groups in our society, especially in Australia.   Not only do we actively assist in one or more established nursing homes in Australia, but our life is dedicated to praying for the salvation of the sick, the aged and the dying.  We offer our life of Praise to God and our hidden life of sacrifice and prayer, for the salvation of souls, especially those elderly who have no-one to pray for them in their last hours.  

Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was a Healer of sick souls and bodies.  How many elderly languish in misery and anxiety, with no-one to visit them and most especially - no-one to pray for them in their last moments.  We implore the aid of Our Lady of Autun in our external work as Augustinian Canonesses.  The very first female member of the Norbertines at the time of St. Norbert's foundation of Premontré, France, was Blessed Ricvera.  No sooner did she join St. Norbert than she was charged with caring for the sick in the hospital that was annexed to the first Norbertine house.